Apply The Fair Sentencing Act to All Sentences After its Enactment: Amicus Brief
Various organizations filed an Amicus Brief arguing the Fair Sentencing Act should apply to all sentencing proceedings taking place after the law's enactment as a reflection of Congress’ intent to rectify the unfair and discriminatory 100-1 crack-powder cocaine sentencing disparity.

February 15, 2012

The Open Society Institute signed a joint amicus brief filed in Hill v. United
States and Dorsey v. United States on February 7th which argued that Congress
completely rejected the unfair and discriminatory 100-to-1 crack-powder cocaine
sentencing disparity and intended the Fair Sentencing Act to apply to all
sentences after its enactment. The brief was authored by the ACLU and joined by
The Leadership Conference, the NAACP, The Sentencing Project, Families Against
Mandatory Minimums, Open Society Institute, The Drug Policy Alliance, and

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