Call to Block Arm Sales to Bahrain
U.S. arms sales to Bahrain need to be blocked since the government continues to repress peaceful pro-democracy movements.

September 29, 2011

OSPC and other international organizations urged the U.S. Congress to block arms sales to Bahrain until the government ends abuses against peaceful protestors. Bahraini security forces suppress peaceful political demonstrations and engage in programs of retribution. The Pentagon’s proposed arms sale of $53 million of armored Humvees and anti-tank missiles is the first sale since the Bahraini government cracked down on protests in February.

As today’s editorial in the Washington Post states:

The message this sends is unmistakable: The regime’s crackdown will not affect its cozy relationship with the United States. This is dangerous for the United States as well as for Bahrain, because the government’s attempt to suppress legitimate demands for change from a majority of the population is ultimately doomed to failure. Bahrain’s ruling family should be given more reason to worry about its standing in Washington. A congressional hold on the arms package would be a good way to start.

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