ALBERTO GONZALES Nominated for Attorney General
The Open Society Policy Center strongly encourages a careful examination of Mr. Gonzales's record.

November 20, 2004

President Bush on November 10 nominated Alberto Gonzales for the post of Attorney General of the United States . Alberto Gonzales had served as counsel to the president while he was governor of Texas , and was named White House Counsel in 2001.

Mr. Gonzales has a controversial record as White House counsel that deserves close scrutiny. In early 2002, Gonzales drafted a legal memo for the President that argued the Geneva Conventions and international anti-torture treaties did not apply to terrorist suspects held by the United States . Gonzales contended that “the ability to quickly obtain information from captured terrorists and their sponsors in order to avoid further atrocities against American civilians… renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on the questioning of enemy prisoners.” He also publicly defended the administration’s policy of holding prisoners captured in the war on terror without access to lawyers or the courts, a stance opposed by the Supreme Court. For more on Mr. Gonzales’s record, please see the Center for American Progress: Alberto Gonzales: A Record of Injustice .

The Open Society Policy Center strongly encourages a careful examination of Mr. Gonzales’s record. OSPC and other groups have issued statements on Gonzales’ nomination. To read some of these statements, please click the links below.

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Center for American Progress: Statement on the Nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be Attorney General

Citizens for Global Solutions: Citizens for Global Solutions Opposes Attorney General’s Selection: Gonzales’ Position on Prisoner Detention Undermines Basic Human Rights

Human Rights First: Human Rights First Deeply Troubled by Nomination of Alberto Gonzales to Be Attorney General

Human Rights Watch: US: Attorney General Nominee Undermined Rights: Former White House Counsel Helped U.S. Circumvent International Legal Obligations

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: Civil Rights Coalition Reacts to Nomination of Alberto R. Gonzales as United States Attorney General

People for the American Way: Gonzales Record on Abu Ghraib, Detention Policies, among Top Questions for Senate to Examine if He Is Nominated for Atty General Job

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