Hill Briefing on Bribery & the FCPA
The Open Society Policy Center co-hosts a panel discussion on proposed amendments to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the future of global anti-corruption efforts.

September 14, 2011

Hill Briefing on Bribery & the FCPA

Friday, September 16th, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
U.S. Capitol Building- Meeting Room HC-8
Washington, D.C.

Panelists will explore the history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and its enforcement, and will discuss the potential consequences of the current efforts on Capitol Hill to Amend the Act. The event will launch the report “Busting Bribery: Sustaining the Global Momentum of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.” The report critiques the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s five proposed amendments to the FCPA and the authors of the report will discuss their findings. Panelists will also provide their views on how the FCPA affects U.S. businesses and how changes to the law would affect global anti-corruption efforts.


  • David Kennedy, Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
  • Dan Danielsen, Professor of Law, Northeastern University School of Law
  • Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice President, Calvert Asset Management Company
  • Sarah Pray, Policy Analyst for Africa, Open Society Foundations (moderator)


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