OSPC Summary of Lobbying Activities: 2017, First Quarter

May 9, 2017

OSPC Summary of Lobbying Activities
Period: January 1 – March 31, 2017 (Q1)


OSPC supports transparency and is proud of the causes and groups it supports.

OSPC is registered under the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) and regularly reports on its activities as required by the Act.  However, very few OSPC staff members meet the legal threshold for reporting their lobbying.  Consequently, OSPC has chosen to voluntarily post on a quarterly basis the “lobbying activities” as defined by the LDA of its Washington staff regardless of whether they meet the LDA’s reporting threshold.  In other words, the lobbying activities listed below go well beyond the requirements of the LDA by including all OSPC activities that would have been reported under the LDA if all of the OSPC Washington advocates were “registered lobbyists.”

In addition, OSPC reports on an annual basis all of its grants on IRS Form 990 as required by law.  However, there is a substantial lag time before Form 990 information becomes available to the public.  Accordingly OSPC also voluntarily makes this information easily and publicly available below on a quarterly basis.

Domestic Policy

Civil Rights/Civil Liberties (CIV)

Legislation to restore and strengthen the Voting Rights Act

Entity Lobbied: House

Government Issues (GOV)

Senate consideration of executive branch and judicial nominations

Entity Lobbied:  Senate

Education (EDU)

Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act, pertaining to prevention and intervention services and funding, correctional education and racial disparities in enforcement

Entity Lobbied: Senate, House of Representatives

Higher Education Act, pertaining to Pell grant access and greater access to postsecondary education for incarcerated students and returning individuals

Entities Lobbied: House of Representatives, Senate

Perkins loans, pertaining to career and technical education and supports for at-risk students

Entity Lobbied: Senate

School discipline, pertaining to civil rights enforcement, data collection, and law enforcement in schools and training/professional development

Entity Lobbied: House of Representatives, Senate, Department of Education, Department of Justice, White House


Law Enforcement/Crime/Criminal Justice (LAW)             

Legislation pertaining to adjusting mandatory minimums, allowing for judges’ discretion in sentencing and expanding pre-release and re-entry programming

Entities Lobbied: Senate, White House

Legislation pertaining to adjusting mandatory minimums

Entity Lobbied: House of Representatives

Police reform, pertaining to data collection and removal access to military style equipment, sentencing and community policing

Entities Lobbied: Senate, House of Representatives


Foreign Policy

Foreign Relations (FOR)

Burma Human Rights Legislation (unnumbered)

Entity Lobbied: Senate

Appropriations for State Department and Foreign Operations for FY 2017

Entity Lobbied: Senate

Opposing passage and implementation of modifications to Hungary’s Higher Education Act that would limit freedoms of international academic institutions

Entities Lobbied: Senate, House of Representatives, White House, Department of State

Reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, (unnumbered), provision to modify the Child Soldier Prevention Act of 2008

Entity Lobbied: House of Representatives

H.R.1191: Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2017

Entity Lobbied: House

State Department Authorization

Entities Lobbied: Senate, House

Repeal of Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act, pertaining to regarding the requirement for extractive sector companies to disclose the payments that they make to governments for the commercial development of oil, gas or minerals

Entity Lobbied: Senate


OSPC Grants

Period: January 1 – March 31, 2017 (Q1)

Grantee Name Purpose Amount Period

Arizona Wins


To support policy advocacy on Arizona’s ballot measure process $125,000 2 mos.

Center for American Progress Action Fund


To conduct research and advocacy on nominations $350,000 1 year

Center for International Policy


To support Win Without War for foreign policy advocacy $250,000 2 years

Center for Popular Democracy Action


To support policy advocacy on access to economic opportunity $150,000 1 year

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Inc.


To support policy advocacy on ethics in government including with respect to executive branch nominees $100,000 1 year

Human Rights First


To support policy advocacy on refugees $100,000 1 year

Oxfam-America, Inc.


To support policy advocacy on extractives transparency $50,000 6 mos.

People for the American Way


To support policy advocacy on judicial and executive nominations $125,000 6 mos.

President and Fellows of Harvard College


To conduct research on the costs of torture $50,000 1 year

Sixteen Thirty Fund


To support policy advocacy on the social safety net $250,000 1 year

The Advocacy Fund


To provide support to Dēmos Action $150,000 1 yr 9 mos.
TOTAL   $1,700,000


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