Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Votes to Declassify Torture Report

April 3, 2014

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted 11 to 3 on Thursday to declassify its report on the CIA’s torture program. The Open Society Policy Center welcomes this development, thanks the Committee for its hard work, and encourages President Obama to expedite its review of the report.

“Like locking up Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor, torturing prisoners after 9/11 was a panicked betrayal of America’s values, and we will be reckoning with this for years to come,” Stephen Rickard, the executive director of the Open Society Policy Center, said. “Today’s vote is a crucial milestone on the long road back from a torture program that was apparently shielded by lies and exaggerations and was far more brutal than we knew.”

“We all should have done more to stop this, we all share responsibility for what our country did and we should all share a sense of shame about it. But we can also all play a part in restoring American values. That begins with being honest about what happened. For beginning that process Senator Feinstein and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence deserve the thanks of all Americans,” Rickard added.

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