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The Publish What You Pay Coalition Urges SEC to Match Global Transparency Standard

Publish What You Pay (PWYP), the global network campaigning for greater openness in the extractive sector, urged the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday, March 20, to issue a rule on payment disclosures for oil, gas, and mining companies. Members of the PWYP coalition, including the Open Society Policy Center, presented their case for […]

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A Former Prosecutor Now Advocates for Sentencing Reform

In this compelling article in the American Prospect, reporter Abby Rapoport takes a look at Mark Osler. He is a former federal prosecutor now advocating for drug sentencing reforms. Nkechi Taifa is a senior policy analyst for civil and criminal justice reform at the Open Society Foundations, is quoted in the story.  

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Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Votes to Declassify Torture Report

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted 11 to 3 on Thursday to declassify its report on the CIA’s torture program. The Open Society Policy Center welcomes this development, thanks the Committee for its hard work, and encourages President Obama to expedite its review of the report. “Like locking up Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor, torturing […]

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